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IT Fast Track Program

Main features:
  • IT Fast Track Program produces highly skilled graduates who can land an IT job without further internships.
  • The program courses are designed by the United States qualified IT experts.
  • Through a unique blend of classroom instructions and targeted hands-on practice, students acquire essential skills relevant to data structures, algorithms, software design, software development, database implementation, data analytics, data science, cyber security, cloud computing, APIs, frameworks, microservices, mobile computing, and web development.
  • Students are offered paid opportunities to work at KCK’s own Software Development Center.
  • Students are able to receive training either on campus at KCK or on its Learning Management Systems remotely.
  • Instruction at KCK truly offers ‘Learning Without Borders’ by breaking academic, geographic, and socioeconomic barriers, and making IT education accessible to all deserving students.
  • Students work onsite in the summer on a team capstone project to put their learning together into a real-world application.
  • IT Fast Track Program attracts applicants from varying disciplines and academic backgrounds, including BS graduates, MS graduates, and Ph.D. graduates. This is a major strength of the IT Fast Track Program because it translates into diverse perspectives towards solving the current-day problems in IT.
  • Students are able to build strong international professional networks.
  • Faculty members at the KCK are experienced teachers, trusted advisors, and consultants who tackle real-world problems through practical applications of IT tools and technologies

The Key Driving Factors

  • The IT Fast Track Program at Kamalia College Kamalia is the only advanced IT program in Pakistan that awards Professional IT Diplomas in highly demanding areas of the industry.
  • Provide support to gain certifications in major IT technologies including programming, databases, cloud computing, web programming, and mobile programming.
  • Provide tutoring for certificate courses offered by MIT and Harvard.
  • Hands-on training to our students to secure jobs in Pakistan as well as in the world job market.

Unique Work Opportunities

  • KCK has established its own in-house Software Development Center that hosts software architects and developers who work in IT industry, auto industry, government organizations, health informatics, e-commerce, and finance.
  • KCK offers its qualified graduates a chance to work in these projects with reasonable salary packages.
  • Our projects include but are not limited to Electronic Health Record Management, Digital Health and Human Resources System.

Course Calendar

  • Start Date
  • Mid-Term
  • End Date


  • Pass the Admission Entry Test (KAET)

Closing Date

  • Monday, May 16th, 2022


  • 3-4 Months

Admission Criteria

IT Fast Track Program Admission Criteria:
  • Have a valid CNIC/FRC, Driving License, Passport
  • English language proficiency in written and verbal communication
  • Have a laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection
  • Know the medium level skills in the use of computer including MS Office, Web Browser, and Windows Explorer for file handling
  • Pass the Admission Entry Test (KAET)
  • A minimum of sixteen (16) years of education leading to a Ph.D., Master’s, or Bachelor’s degree from a university in any science field recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan.